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Womb Priestess Training
October-February 2022
5 months/5 Divine Feminine Archetypes:
10 Online Classes 
2 In-Person Sacred Initiation Ceremonies

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Five Key Aspects to the Radiant Divine Feminine:

Inspire & Connect

through the archetype of the


Receive & Amplify

through the archetype of the


Expand & Flow

through the archetype of the


Initiate & Discern

through the archetype of the


Distill & Focus

through the archetype of the


A Womb Priestess

is a powerful, sovereign queen who does her sacred work in the world as a living embodiment of the Divine Mother.  


Experience a life-changing priestess training of the Divine Feminine, along with profound womb healings


Heal - Activate - Celebrate


What You Will Take Away From This Program

  • Deepen your relationship with the Divine Mother through five powerful archetypes

  • Learn ancient priestess practices of the Great Mother

  • Heal your feminine wounds around friendship, body image, comparison, competition and scarcity

  • Prepare your body vessel to receive the Holy Womb Chakra teachings

  • Reclaim the sanctity of your holy body

  • Heal timelines around your conception, gestation, birth and early infancy

  • Experience profound ceremony and creative, liminal space

  • Re-write your narrative about what is possible to achieve in this lifetime

  • Receive real support from a sisterhood of like-minded, conscious, women who value the process of spiritual work

  • Practice your authentic voice and embodied Divine Self in a safe holding environment


Do You Hear Her Calling?

Part yogic wisdom, part sacred sexuality, part archetypal embodiment. This priestess program is unique in its simplicity and depth, we steep in the caldron womb of the Creatrix, the Divine Mother Source who creates all, with five potent and powerful faces of the Divine Feminine: Dreamer-Weaver, Mother-Priestess, Lover-Empress, Shadow-Walker, Wisdom-Keeper. 

These aspects of women, both in their youth and maturity are faces of each of us. We will initiate you in the radiant energy of each of these archetypes to bring forth the ancient wisdom-path of these primal forces that have shaped womanhood throughout the ages. The ancient ways of the Great Mother Priestesses are alive and polished for our modern day call to action as we care for ourselves, our community, our loved ones, our challenges, our Mother Earth and all Her creatures as the incarnate goddesses that we are and meant to be, as emissaries of Her Holiness which waits to blossom inside each of us.  

We believe through consciously building a relationship with the Divine Mother, in all her forms, we imbue our lives with the alchemy of miracles to do Her work in the world. We focus our work on clearing the way for the most profound and powerful tool housed within each human, our Womb Chakra. The purified Holy Womb is the generator behind the vision and mission of the High Sacred Heart. We heal her to bring forth our unique signature and medicine to the world, be it a large or small mission. Each of us can align our sacred sexuality with all parts of ourselves for a Unity consciousness within. 



About The Archetypes

Dreamer-Weaver, Grandmother Spider Woman, Magenta, Air Element.

We seek out the wisdom of this archetype for the way she holds us all in her web of connection, relationship and soul-overview.Trickster, storyteller, networker, Grandmothers of Native American and Indigenous traditions, Greek Ariadne in her Labyrinth, we honor the beginning of the sacred soul's journey.

Mother-Priestess, Blue, Water Element.

She who loves us unconditionally, in her mystical, lunar form, as pure light energy and frequency-holder. We seek out the wisdom of this archetype to understand how we are called to expand our views of love, what love can do in action and how we can steward the Earth as a living and breathing Goddess in a physical form that sustains all life.

Lover-Empress, Red/Orange, Fire Element.


She shows us the balance of creativity and passion, how to do our own sacred work and to stay true to ourselves while we also express our life mission in devotion and deep sensual love with a partner. She is the embodiment of mature, integrated sexuality and creativity. 

Shadow-Walker, Purple, Earth Element.

This archetype is the Gatekeeper to the final archetype: the Cosmic Mother herself. But to enter the Cosmic Mother’s temple, we must be willing to own our shadow as our light. We must face the dark nights of the soul and learn the lessons from the Underworld. She holds potent medicine for us in our journey to wholeness and unconditional self-love.

Wisdom-Keeper, Rainbow/Black (Void), Element Ether.

Cosmic Mother is the Creatrix who birthed all. She is who we all yearn to know in her infinite Mystery. She is the Void, the Silence, the Stillness. Through her we are birthed over and over again in our many forms, many lifetimes, many dimensions. Her wisdom for us is like that of Shakti, circular, contradictory, ecstatic, life-altering. When we trust her path for us, we are more complete, more radiant, more the full human-embodying-our divine self. We seek her wisdom with humility and ask to understand her messages. She always has our highest and best soul-spirit-outcome for us. We are always learning how to surrender more deeply into her Grace.


Diana & Danielle


We believe that healing begins with each human coming into her fullest expression of Divine Self. We activate the innate Divine Feminine that resides in each being, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. The Divine Feminine aspect of Source is greatly needed right now, as we step into the next phase of evolution. 

Program Dates & Details

Level One includes:


  • Opening Welcome Ceremony, Online via Zoom, 11:30-2 PM PST (2:30-5 PM EST)

    • October 2 


  • 10 Zoom classes first & second Wednesdays, 5-7 PM PST (8-10 EST)


  • October 6, October 13

  • November 3, November 10

  • December 1, December 8

  • January 5, January 12

  • February 2, February 9


  • 2 In-person Ceremonies, 11-5 PM (Oakland Hills, CA), 11:30-2 PM PST (2:30-5 PM EST) will be streamed live via Zoom for an online option. 

    • December 18

    • February 12


  • Optional private coaching sessions with either Diana and Danielle, scheduled separately

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Sister-partner to check in with on own

  • Price: $1600

  • Payment option. Choose one, enter your credit card and it will automatically be drafted depending on your payment option choice below:

    1. Pay entire amount at registration: $1500 ($100 discount)

    2. 2 payments of $800, one due upon registration, second due December 10th.

    3. 5 payments of $320, first due upon registration, remaining due Nov. 1, Dec. 1, Jan. 1, Feb. 1.