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Full Certification Path


Experience the grounding of five key archetypes of the Divine Feminine to know yourself through the lensing of these unique aspects: Anna/Grandmother, Mother Mary/Mother, Mary Magdalene/Lover, Dark Madonna/Shadow-walker, Sophia/Creatrix.

We chose these archetypes based on our training lineage and which archetypes/ascended masters have chosen to speak through us. We both bring a great love for the mystical spiritual group known as the Essenes, and how they were trained, which included travel back and forth to other spiritual traditions. In particular both Diana and Danielle have been trained in East Indian traditions including Sacred Lineage founded by Sri Kalshwar and the Holy Womb Chakra Wisdom teachings. 


Overview: Six months, five deep dives with a different archetype of the Divine Feminine: Anna, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Dark Madonna, Cosmic Mother

Level 1 Benefits:
  • Deepen your relationship with the Divine Mother through five powerful archetypes

  • Learn ancient priestess practices of the Great Mother

  • Heal your feminine wounds around friendship, body image, comparison, competition and scarcity

  • Prepare your body vessel to receive the Holy Womb Chakra teachings

  • Reclaim the sanctity of your holy body

  • Heal timelines around your conception, gestation, birth and early infancy

  • Experience profound ceremony and creative, liminal space

  • Re-write your narrative about what is possible to achieve in this lifetime

  • Receive real support from a sisterhood of like-minded, conscious, women who value the process of spiritual work

  • Practice your authentic voice and embodied Divine Self in a safe holding environment


Continue your relationship with the Divine Mother and your training as a Holy Womb Priestess. We take another walk around the five archetypes in more depth and focus on specific training in the priestess arts of: holding frequency and maintaining energetic protection, anointing with holy oils, creating birth and postpartum rituals, tending to the sick and dying, sacred bathing, working with the Earth-elementals, receiving advanced energetic light codes and healing abilities, working with the Blue, Pink and Gold Flames, integrating your calling as a Womb Priestess with day-to-day life.

Level 2 Benefits:
  • Continue to deepen your calling as a Womb Priestess in the world

  • Learn the ancient practices of lightwork-healing, anointing, death and birth rites

  • Learn how to lead your own ceremonies and healing rituals

  • Activate all of your innate Divine Feminine healing powers and light codes within

  • Come into your spiritual gifts, sovereignty and power

  • Heal your family, community and ultimately the planet through priestessing-in-action


Mentor personally with Diana and Danielle as you develop and birth your sacred mission in your own unique soul’s calling. Assist with our trainings, develop and offer your own specialties in our Womb Priestess community. By application only.

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