• 3 Nights/3 Days of ease & joy

  • Sacred ritual & community

  • Commune with nature & the elements

  • Upgrade your body to meet the energies

  • Replenish your vessel & prepare for the upcoming months


The time is NOW, we need the upgrades to hold and anchor the HUGE energies that are pouring in. We need to join our light bodies to claim our authentic spiritual gifts. To do this we come together as Sisters to release old beliefs, wherever you are in your spiritual path, we witness you in your desired life! We will witness and amplify you.


This is a once-in-a-lifetime of Sacred Eclipse energy portal. Mount Shasta, one of the most sacred lands on the planet, where Heaven meets Earth.


We resource ourselves to resource the sacred spiritual warrior queen that we are becoming.


We call in all the energies we have available for our own transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. We are all equal in the eyes of the Mother. We see you and we see the *You* you are on the precipice of becoming.

We celebrate Her!



We apply this womb wisdom, along with priestess training, to prepare your heart, mind, and body to receive and apply the most sacred womb teachings. The energy from this program will help you anchor fully the power of your Holy Womb Chakra.


~Deeply nourish your Soul~

~Receive from the Mountain~

~Swim, relax, bask in the sublime energies~

~Step into the stream of Divine Feminine flow~

~Allow her cool waters to refresh, renew and relax you~

~Be held impeccably in gentleness~

~Speak your truth at this moment in time~

~Be witnessed deeply by your Sisters~

~Play in creative ritual, beauty, and sacred space~

Image by Stephen Leonardi

Nourish Your Inner Priestess Retreat


Mount Shasta Retreat Details:

  • In-Person Retreat, Mount Shasta, Flowing Waters Center, Weed, CA

    • Thursday, July 29, 4 PM-Sunday, August 1, 2021, 11 AM

    • Includes lodging options and some food


  • Private Facebook Group

  • Sister Ally to check in with on your own

  • Price $1,000 ($500 deposit is required to reserve your spot, $500 due July 22, 2021)

  • *If finances are an issue for you at this time, please reach out to us to discuss sliding scale payment options.

Image by Stephen Leonardi

In-Person Retreat in Mount Shasta, Flowing Waters Retreat Center:

Thursday, July 29-Sunday, August 1, 2021:


We will begin our journey together by coming into resonance with each other on sacred land in a safe, warm holding environment. In ritual circle, we will learn about priestess protocol for deep listening, witnessing without advice-giving, creating and maintaining sacred ceremonial space, sisterhood agreements and other Divine Feminine practices. We will bathe in healing waters, commune with our spirit guides in holy meadow land and walk a labyrinth at the highest accessible part of the mountain. 


Safe and clean lodging including camping, if that is your preference is included in the retreat price. Food will be a combination of potluck, buy-on-you-own and provided and prepared by us.


Diana & Danielle


We believe that healing begins with each human coming into her fullest expression of Divine Self. We activate the innate Divine Feminine that resides in each being, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. The Divine Feminine aspect of Source is greatly needed right now, as we step into the next phase of evolution. 


Do you hear the call of the Divine Feminine?

Part yogic wisdom, part sacred sexuality, part archetypal embodiment. This priestess program is unique in its simplicity and depth, we steep in the caldron womb of the Creatrix, the Divine Mother Source who creates all, with five potent and powerful faces of the Divine Feminine: Grandmother, Mother, Lover, Shadow-walker, Divine Wisdom-keeper. 

These aspects of women, both in their youth and maturity are faces of each of us. We will initiate you in the radiant energy of each of these archetypes to bring forth the ancient wisdom-path of these primal forces that have shaped womanhood throughout the ages. The ancient ways of the Great Mother Priestesses are alive and polished for our modern day call to action as we care for ourselves, our community, our loved ones, our challenges, our Mother Earth and all Her creatures as the incarnate goddesses that we are and meant to be, as emissaries of Her Holiness which waits to blossom inside each of us.  

We believe through consciously building a relationship with the Divine Mother, in all her forms, we imbue our lives with the alchemy of miracles to do Her work in the world. We focus our work on clearing the way for the most profound and powerful tool housed within each human, our Womb Chakra. The purified Holy Womb is the generator behind the vision and mission of the High Sacred Heart. We heal her to bring forth our unique signature and medicine to the world, be it a large or small mission. Each of us can align our sacred sexuality with all parts of ourselves for a Unity consciousness within. 



What You Will Take Away From This Program

  • Deepen your relationship with the Divine Mother through five powerful archetypes

  • Learn ancient priestess practices of the Great Mother

  • Heal your feminine wounds around friendship, body image, comparison, competition and scarcity

  • Prepare your body vessel to receive the Holy Womb Chakra teachings

  • Reclaim the sanctity of your holy body

  • Heal timelines around your conception, gestation, birth and early infancy

  • Experience profound ceremony and creative, liminal space

  • Re-write your narrative about what is possible to achieve in this lifetime

  • Receive real support from a sisterhood of like-minded, conscious, women who value the process of spiritual work

  • Practice your authentic voice and embodied Divine Self in a safe holding environment

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado