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Diana & Danielle

OUR Philosophy

We believe that healing begins with each human coming into her fullest expression of Divine Self. We activate the innate Divine Feminine that resides in each being, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. The Divine Feminine aspect of Source is greatly needed right now, as we step into the next phase of evolution. 

The Female-aspect of the divine is a circular dance of contradictions, of slowing down, listening to the inner realms. It is being in contact with the fairies, devas and spirits around us, tuning into a different frequency than that of just the mind, sensing, seeing, interacting with the elements, the subtle realm beings, being in our child-wonder selves. In cultivating a relationship with the Divine Mother we feel safe enough to drop into this secure and miraculous state of being through resourcing the self, ritual, impeccable self-care, free of toxins, with enough sleep and food to nourish and sustain us.


To believe that you are deserving of the tenderness involved in prioritizing these areas of your life and to be in direct contact with the Mother, in her earthly and cosmic forms, is the healing we offer you. 

Our goal is to teach women the practical skills around everyday priestessing, how to live as the Divine Mother in-action on the Earth. How to sit with the dying, aging, birth-giving, grieving, anxiety-ridden, disenfranchised: how to hold space, hold frequency, sacred witnessing, listening with ears of love, not-fixing, how to listen for and respond to Divine Direction, how to gage the necessary steps, how to remove your ego and live with humility. How to hold contradictions in life with internal ease: humility and power, How to live in your true authentic self while maintaining a sacred career, family, romantic partnership, community service of the highest regard.

Together, we are the Stewards of Mother Earth and all her beings and creatures.


Diana Melchizedek

Diana - is a High Priestess in the Order of Melchizedek, an eternal priest/priesthood committed to spiritual virtue across all lifetimes. Diana is a Shaktidhute ~ Messenger of the Divine Mother, and one who has undertaken a chakra opening process and cultivated a deep relationship with the Divine Mother literally over a lifetime and most intensely over the last 5 years whereby Divine Mother now teaches directly through Diana.


Diana is also a Birth and Postpartum Doula, and Conscious Conception Mentor. Diana is deeply committed to her Divinely arranged sacred marriage to Michael, her husband and enlightened partner and a strong Shiva to her Shakti. She is a Mother of five grown children and step-children and is also blessed to be a grandmother. 


Diana is a Teacher of the Holy Womb Chakra and a master healer specializing in life-changing emotional healing and high-level Lightbody Activations. In addition, Diana is receiver of the Holy Ampulla of Sophia, a resurrected ancient coronation ritual first given to Mother Mary by the Divine Mother and once again made available to humanity. She has been described as a modern-day Holy Woman.

She has dedicated her life to raising consciousness on the planet and guiding us in reclaiming ourselves as the fully realized Light Beings we are!

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"Diana holds the Divine Mother energy with grace and pure love..  She has a deep background in love for and connection to the Mother.  Diana's wisdom and care are palpable in all she does.  I am so impressed with her mastery and embodiment of the practices of the Holy Womb Chakra and of her connection to the Divine.  She is a beautiful, clear vessel for the ancient teachings.  She is walking her life from the Divine Mother energy and doing an exquisite dharma to share that with others."


Cindy Lindsay,
Spiritual Teacher

Sri Kaleshwar’s Ashram, Divine Lineage

“I have known and worked with Diana Melchizedek for 4 years.  Diana is a wonderful friend, mentor, and profound healer. Diana holds you with the Love of Divine Mother. She is compassionate, insightful, wise and a good listener! Diana has deep knowledge and understanding of the Holy Womb Chakra System, and the lineage from which it originates.  Diana has a wonderful way of connecting your life to this work, and of sharing how working with The Holy Womb Chakra practices can have a transformational affect on your life.”
“I am deeply honored to have learned these practices, and to have had her as my teacher.”

~ April Aronoff, She of The Sacred Garden, Rose & Bee

My Temple Garden


Danielle Saunders

Danielle - healing companion and guide, unlocks your own remembrance of yourself as a Priestess of the Great Mother and as such a holy, sovereign and compassionately powerful woman. She is an initiated Priestess in the Avalonian Tradition from the 13 Moons Mystery School since 2012 and an advanced student of the Holy Womb Chakra. She holds the past life memories of several lifetimes as high priestess and spiritual adept in ancient Greece, Egypt, France and the British Isles. She brings archetypal fluidity, abundant creativity and the sacred holding of liminal space to her divine feminine rituals and mentoring sessions. 

Danielle is a California state licensed marriage and family psychotherapist and former adjunct professor at California Institute of Integral Studies and John F. Kennedy University. She is a graduate of CIIS, with a master’s degree in Expressive Arts and Transpersonal Psychology. With advanced training in sacred sexuality and energy medicine, she maintains a private practice specializing in Sacred Relationship, Sexuality and Awakening Consciousness. Danielle is currently writing a book: The Quest for Wild Monogamy: Underworld Initiations for Soulmates and Twin Flames. 

Danielle believes we all have the ability to integrate our lessons from all of our lifetimes and to come into the full power of our Divine Self while embodying our most delightful, sensual humanity maintaining partnership, parenthood and sacred career.

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"The Great Mother archetype from The 13 Moon Oracle of Divine Feminine archetypes, is the container for Womb Wisdom. In her current work, The Temple of the Holy Womb, Danielle powerfully embodies this archetype of "safe holding" in the arms of unconditional Love, for beings to grow in the archetypal energies of five important aspects of the Divine Feminine: Mother, Lover, Wise Woman, Shadow Walker and Cosmic Mother. If you would be served in this wise and tender holding in your soul growth, I would joyfully recommend Danielle and her work."


In Infinite Love.. Ariel Spilsbury,
Founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School


“Danielle has answered a deep calling from the Divine. Her generous, kind heart touches many. She is a bright light guiding many souls, reminding them of their own unique brilliance, beauty and purpose on this planet.  Danielle helps you discover new ways of experiencing and reconnecting with the divine feminine through ritual, artistic processes and meditation. She offers insights into magical, healing and empowering experiences, igniting your spirit and tending to your humanity.

~ Nadine Hamil
Master Intuitive Painting & Expressive Arts Facilitator, Art Guide, Artist
Artful Dreamers Studio